Natural stone products have a lavishly reputation of being at the high end of the tile industry. With its visually appealing natural colours and finishes, it is a product that stands out from the rest. Being a natural product, there is a little more care that has to be put into the installation process, such as, ensuring the stone is sealed correctly and ensuring the substrate is to standard for laying. Natural stone materials can come in a range of products such as Marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, limestone and in some cases manufactured with a porcelain base or made up in either mosaic sheets or feature patterns. It can be used either as a feature wall or have your whole area done in a natural stone.

At ARILA FINISHES, we strongly believe in quality finish that is important part of renovation process. Our team is proud to have been trusted with a number of important and prestigious projects in homes, businesses and public buildings & we have years of experience of using stone and mosaic tiles suitable to our client in Gold Coast and Brisbane area.

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